Current Courses

  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Network Systems Architecture

Complete list
(Current and Previous)

Graduate Courses:
  • “Computer and Network Security”
  • “High-speed Network Systems Architecture”
  • “Advanced Computer Systems”
  • “Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications”
  • “Design Methods for Hardware/Software Systems”
  • “Security Systems”
  • “Parallel Processor Architecture”
  • “High-speed Network and Multimedia Systems”
  • “Packet Switching Architectures”
  • “High-performance Networks: Architecture and Management”
  • “Seminar on Architecture of Packet Switches”
Undergraduate Courses:
  • “Introduction to Computers I”
  • “Computer Architecture”
  • “Computer and Network Security”
  • “High-speed Network Systems Architecture”
  • “Internet Computing”
  • “Advanced Computer Systems”
  • “Introduction to Computer Science”
  • “Computer Organization”
  • “Laboratory for Microprocessor System Design”
  • “Laboratory for Digital Design using CAD”
  • “Microprocessors and Peripherals”
  • “Digital Design using CAD”
  • “Laboratory for Telecommunications and Networks”
  • “Computer Networks”

School Affiliations

University of Patras

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Master’s program on Hardware/Software Integrated Systems
  • Master’s program on Information Processing Systems and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Systems Lab

Industrial Systems Institute

  • Director
  • Cyberphysical and embedded systems
  • Cybersecurity

North Carolina State University

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Adjunct)